In this section you will find publications and documents related to the Memories project.


The first "Memories" newsletter has been published: 1st Newsletter July 2018.pdf

The second "Memories" newsletter has been published: 2nd Newsletter January 2019

The third "Memories" newsletter has been published: 3rd Newsletter July 2019

The fourth "Memories" newsletter has been published: 4th Newsletter January 2020

The fifth "Memories" newsletter has been published: 5th Newsletter January 2021


Below you will find the presentations given by project partners and invited speaker during our Annual meeting 2018.

1 - Alzheimers disease research in the 21st century - Pistollato JRC.pdf
2 - Moving towards human relevant Alzheimers research - TGS.pdf
3 - Enhancing the impact of the project - UM.pdf
4 - From selection of human iPSC lines to useful human neuron-based test systems - KUL.pdf
5 - Genetic and epigenetic analysis of neuronal responses to external risk factors - UM.pdf
6- Evaluation of preclinical models of AD for drug discovery - reMYND.pdf
7 - Retrospective and prospective evaluation of selected biomarker profiles - icometrix_UAntwerpen_without case report.pdf
Poster Herinneringen meeting Madhavsai Gajjar.pdf
Poster Herinneringen meeting Venkat Karri.pdf


Definitief programma STOP ALZHEIMER Symposium 2019.pdf
Flyer Stop Alzheimer - Hugo Borst.pdf